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Align Your Mind, Body, and Spirit Through Reflexology

Back then, reflexology was painful. Today, reflexology is good for all health issues.

Maintain Your Health With Reflexology

Egyptian reflexology goes back 5000 years. After the king at Saqqara and is known as the physician’s tomb translation reads, “Don’t hurt me, the practitioner’s reply: I shall act so you praise me.”

Back then, reflexology was painful. Today, reflexology is good for all health issues. That’s what we believe at Reflexwellness. We offer reflexology sessions in North Bergen, New Jersey and other areas.

What Is Foot and Hand Reflexology?

This is the science that deals with the principle that there are reflex areas in the feet and hands which correspond to all of the glands and organs and parts of the body. Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers on these reflex areas.

In our life, we all know the importance of maintenance to a home, car, and so much more. But, we don't stop to understand the importance of maintenance to our body. Reflexology is the art of fine-tuning your internal glands and organs.

In a car, tools are used to fine-tune a car so the engine is running evenly. A mechanic fine-tunes a machine and engines, so they are running at its maximum ability. The mechanic is constantly adjusting turning a screw here and twisting a knob there until he is fully satisfied that the machine or engine is in perfect running order.

This is the same with reflexology; a reflexologist will use his thumbs and fingers to tune up your organs. This fine-tuning of your internal glands and organs helps to reduce stress and tension. Your nerves and circulation play a large role in how we are feeling every day.

But, the key to maintaining the stress that makes you sick is, getting therapy, namely, reflexology, massage, and chiropractic. These three kinds of therapy will help you maintain your health big time, and may save your life. So, make the time to save your life and get these therapies done to help your day-to-day fiction.


Reflexology is acknowledged as a safe, non-invasive health practice without contraindications. Reflexology is used to support the body in its own healing process to strengthen the body, so it is able to draw upon its own resources to repair and heal itself.

If you are having a health issue, reflexology may be painful, but it can save your life. If you find your sessions painful, keep doing the sessions until the pain starts to go away; this will help your health improve. Pease call, 201-320-5044 to book a session.

Meet Our Founder

As a reflexologist, Ulysses Sims started to study reflexology more than 20 years ago. His sister told him about it, and he decided to research and study about it. He attended a class on reflexology in 1997 then started the business in 2000. Since then, he’s been helping people improve their health.

He found that reflexology sessions may be painful in some parts in the hands and feet. This can mean that circulation need to be improved to your glands or organs.

When regular sessions are happening, the pain becomes less, the body starts to feel better, and balance starts to take place in your internal system. When you are not in balance, you will just feel like something is just off the track in your body. Just remember, modalities are a key factor to bring back balance to your glands, organs, and life.

We can say that reflexology is good for the body; it works. So, just give it a try.

Mission-Vision Statement 

We help people improve their health through reflexology. This will relax nerves and enhance nerve function. We will also guide you in managing stress through our services.

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